This writeup may look a little bit odd for some. This is because many are good in preparing their academic assignments and seminars. But what really compelled me to write this article is that I remembered in my year one, I knew little about assignments writing. Who cares about introduction? All we cared for was that we saw a related material, copy, edit, print and submit. There was little guidance as to how to really carry out our assignments.

The lecturers too did not help in this regard. All they know is that you should go and prepare your assignments and submit. They hardly tell you how to go about it. The content, the sub-topics, order (if any) etc. It was only recently that lecturers started adding requirements to assignments. Telling you to ensure it is single or double line spacing, font theme Times New Roman, font 12, etc.

The above requirements are only formatting requirements, the core assignment formats are left for you to determine. And I guess many year one students are in this predicament currently, hence, the need to explain what a lecturer wants when they tell you to carry out an assignment in a particular topic.

Requirement in an Academic Assignment

Whenever your lecturer ask for an assignment to be carried out and submitted, whether in the Sciences or Arts, the first thing you should do is introduction. Introduction must come after cover page. Although abstract and table of contents are important, they may not be necessary in most assignments except otherwise, your lecturer specifies it. When we are going to write on seminars, we shall deal more on abstract and table of contents. But for the sake of assignments, you may want to leave out abstract and table of contents. Note however, that not all assignments may need an introduction. First of all, the assignment cover page should take the following format:




 NAME:                                 JULIUS MICHAEL OGHENENYOREME

MATRIC. NO.:                      UG/20/2020

FACULTY:                             AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGY

DEPT:                                    AGRIC/ECONS AND RURAL SOCIOLOGY


COURSE CODE:                   ANS 251

LEVEL:                                  200










The above cover page should suffice for any setting. And you should give it a page boulder. Nevertheless, you can design your own too. Note that there is no need for too many designs in the cover page. No need for color print outs, just black and white, except there is a diagram and your lecturer wants it to be printed colored.

How the Introduction should look like

Assignments introduction are used to introduce the topic at hand. Your introduction should be used to capture the attention of your lecturer since he has little time to read and may want to skim through. However, if your introduction is catchy, he will stop by and may want to read more. Although, you will not use the introduction to define all the concepts, you will explain in the introduction the meaning of the major concepts in the topic. One sentence can be enough. No need to dwell on the concepts since you will need to define them under their own sub-topic. You can also add a little historical perspective in the introduction. Tell how the problem or issue started and how it got here. Any other relevant information can be added. An introduction should not be more than one page. Unless otherwise, the assignment is up to ten pages and above, then, you can make the introduction a page and half or at the most, two pages.

Definition/Explanation of Related Terminologies Found in the Assignment Questions

The next step is to tell us the meaning of what you are writing on. For example, if you are asked to write on ‘Photosynthesis”, under this subheading, you must define what photosynthesis is all about. You must define it from the perspectives of at least, three authors. You must define according to this person, that person and this person. Aside definition, you must also explain more about photosynthesis, any information that is related may also be a spice. But in all of it, you must be guided by your topic so as not to talk out of point.

Driving it Home

The next is the main issue in the assignment. What where you asked to write about photosynthesis? Was it ‘the effect of photosynthesis on ……?’, ‘effect of motivation on organizational growth?’, ‘effect of antenatal care on mortality rate?’ Whatever you are asked to write on, this subtopic gives you the opportunity to bring the idea home. Yes, you have introduced the topic, you have told us what antenatal and mortality means, now, you are going to tell us how antenatal affects mortality rate. You are going to give examples, cite authors and ensure that you write within this topic. No going astray.

After you think you have done justice to the question, then, conclude with genera remarks. There may be no need for a summary unless you are writing a project, seminar/term paper. Your conclusion should not take a whole page. Quarter or half a page should be enough. You are not told to write thesis or project. So, keep it concise.


Documentation refers to the authors you are using their works. You earlier said ‘according to Michael (2018)’, now, under the References Page, you are required to write the details of the book you got the information from. According to the American Psychological Association (APA) format, a reference should take the following format:

Michael, J. O. (2018). Fresher’s guide: How to prepare your year one assignments as new intake. Retrieved       

            January 8th, 2018, from’s-guide-:-how-to-prepare-your-year-one-


If the information was gotten from a book or journal, the name of the book, place of publication and publisher must be reflected. If journal, the title of the material, title of journal, volume, edition and page numbers must also be reflected.

We shall end it here for now. I may write another piece if the need arise.


Please, cite this work as follows:

Michael, J. O. (2018). Fresher’s guide: How to prepare your year one assignments as new intake. Retrieved mm/dd/yy, from (insert website URL here).