Have you been battling on how to write your research proposal?

Or maybe you are anticipating how it will look like when your time comes to write yours.

First, a research proposal is a structure of how your research project will look like. It is different from the normal business proposal even though they are all proposals. A research proposal tells your project supervisor how you intend to carry out your final year project. It is concerned with the topic you choose, the objectives, the research questions that will guide the study, and the totality of the methodology to be adopted.

In any case, writing a research proposal is very easy depending on your pre-knowledge on the issue at hand. I remembered being asked by my supervisor to submit a research proposal on my topic during my final year project and I was like, “what is a proposal?”

You should perhaps know now that when you intend to start your final year project, your supervisor may ask you to submit a research proposal first to give him/her insight as to whether you are aware of the selected topic or maybe to know whether you have enough materials, skills and knowledge to carry out a study on that particular topic.

So, whether you will do well or not depends largely on how well you know about research proposal writing before. During my time, there was no course at all that gave guidance on research proposal writing, so, it was pretty difficult for us. That is why a decade down the lane, I have decided to do something about it.

In writing a research proposal, you must take cognizance of the requirements in a proposal. That is, what a proposal demands. You must know that in a research proposal, all contents and intents are presented in futuristic tense. Since the study has not been carried out, nothing is presented in past tense. This is to ensure that you do not give your supervisor an impression that the study has already been carried out and that you want to copy.

You must also understand that a proposal do not require you to write in chapters, except otherwise your supervisor wants you to bring your proposal in the form of chapter one to three. But then, you must ensure that all tenses must reflect future tense like ‘will be‘.

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