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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Since Jamb results has been released, academic stakeholders no longer have rest of mind because of outpours of questions from University applicants community. From the date of post UTME to cutoff marks and past questions, their questions has thrown people off their sit – repeating questions over and over again just to be doubly sure that the exam does not pass them by. Consequently, the following questions and answers are penned to aid your operations and plans. Note however, the date of this publication is June 20th, 2019, hence, some issues may change with time.

Niger Delta University Post UTME Date:

No date yet

When can I expect it?

August through October, 2019

What is the cut off mark?

Not released yet. Once the form is released, the cut off mark will be displayed on the website and you will see it.

Any speculations?

Maybe 150 like last year.

What are the various departmental cutoff marks?

Not released. The NDU is not in the habit of releasing cut off marks for departments.

Is NDU a state University or Federal University?

The Niger Delta University is a fully State sponsored University. Refer here Niger Delta University at a Glance for more information.

Does the NDU accept two o’level sittings:

Yes. You can even mix WAEC and NECO together, no problem

How much does this school cost?

This question is an invalid question. You cannot ask how much a school cost. However, you can ask how much for school fees for year one Medicine students indigenes, etc. You can only ask specific questions like how much is acceptance fees, post UTME form etc. However, to satisfy this question, we have a publication on this. Please, refer to Total Cost of Schooling in the University.

How can I apply for NDU Direct entry?

This question is not applicable at this time. This is because Direct Entry application starts during Jamb form purchase around December through January. So, by now, you cannot apply for direct entry again. This set has passed you. But id you bought JAMB direct entry form, then, when the NDU post UTME form comes out, then, you will apply together with jambites, but you will not write exams.

I applied for Medicine but scored between 150 (which is the expected cutoff) and 200. Can I expect to be admitted as a Medicine students?

No. Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Law, Med Lab are very competitive courses. Although the cut off mark may be 150, those who applied for these courses must attain 200 and above. Gaining admission into these courses with a JAMB score below 200 is mere dint of luck.

If I cannot get Medicine and related courses with my score, what then should I expect?

From Medicine, expect Science programmes like Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, etc. Please, see the List of Courses offered in NDU

Where can I get past questions for Niger Delta University Post UTME and Federal University Otuoke Post UTME?

Endeavor to visit our Office in Amassoma to pick a copy. Nevertheless, for those far away, you can get soft copy via mail and WhatsApp. All forms of document, either hard or soft copy cost N1,000. Call +2348180798832 or WhatsApp +2348050706635

Does the Niger Delta University offer Mass Communication?

Yes. In this new session, the Niger Delta University is expected to commence Mass Communication as one of its programmes. But it was not there before now. This year will be the first time it is offered in the NDU.

How can I get to the School? I do not know the location 

From wherever you are, take a vehicle to Bayelsa State. Since we do not know your location, it is hard direct you. But the fact remains that from any location you are coming from, the vehicles conveying you are expected to drop you in Tombia junction. Once you see Agofure Motor Park in Tombia junction, where the driver is supposed to drop everybody, then you are good. Just trek a bit upward past the roundabout, there, you will hear vehicles shouting Amassoma repeatedly. Enter any of them. Sports cars cost N300, buses costs N200 while long NDU coastal buses costs N100. All vehicles stop at the main campus roundabout. Once there, you are fully in the NDU. However, for those coming to our office, you are just a stone’s throw away. Just call from the roundabout. We shall see you from there.

How much is predegree school fees?

For this current session, the fees is 150,000

What are the dos and don’ts of the Post UTME exams?

Don’t come with a calculator, no phone. Some persons made money last year from students who brought phones. They helped held phones till after the exams while they paid for safekeeping. If you are ok with that, you have to make plans for that. If however, you have a place you slept in Amassoma before that day, then, leave your phone there before going for the exams. On the Post utme examination day, you are on your own, so read now. Get past questions in hard or soft copy and keep on reading. Call or WhatsApp 08050706635 now!

My subject combination includes Biology instead of Maths. What should I do?

There is nothing you can do again. Just concentrate on the post UTME and hope the school overlooks it.

NDU to introduce Mass Communication: I still don’t understand.

Well, before now, the Niger Delta University do not offer Mass Communication. However, from this new session, applicants can now offer Mass Communication. So, check your syllabus for the requirements for Mass Comm and apply if you qualify.

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