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Are you a graduate of the Niger Delta University and have not collected your original certificate? I guess you must have thought of doing so. To get your original certificate, there are certain requirements you must meet. Previously, the following requirements and payments were expected.

Payments for NDU Original Certificate

1. 12,000 for certificate collection
2. Pay or show evidence of payment of 7,500 convocation fee.
3. Show original certificate of o’level result.
4. Pay 2,000 for result confirmation.
5. Three copies of:

Documents Needed for NDU Original Certificate

a. O’level
b. Statement of result
c. Alumni receipt (if you lost your own, it is now 3,000)
d. Receipt for 12,000
6. The 12,000 is to be paid online and receipt available immediately.
7. Handwritten application letter

However, the process has been adjusted with the 2018/2019 academic session. Now, you have to pay N26,500 for convocation and statement and 3,000 for alumni online instead of the 12,000 and 7,500 previously paid. The Process is now as follows:

1. Pay N26,500 (for certificate and convocation) (Cafe charge is N2,000 here, N700 user charge is inclusive)
2. Pay N3,000 (for alumni) (Cafe charge is N2,000 here. N700 user charge is inclusive)
3. Go to Bursary to confirm and sign your online printed receipt
4. Go to Alumni office at Dean of Students’ Affairs Office, Newsite, to confirm and sign online printed receipt)
5. Photocopy three each of the following documents:

a. O’level Original Certificate
b. O’level online printout
c. University Statement of Result
d. Alumni Receipt
e. Convocation and certificate receipt
f. Handwritten application letter

6. File and submit at the Senate Office, upstair (right) to admissions office in main campus

All applications are to be forwarded in person or in proxy to the Senate office in main campus. Duration for collection is often one day when your certificate is ready. Just apply as early as 10:00am and by 2:00pm, it should be ready.

For assistance/further information, call 08060699054 or 08050706635

Sample of NDU Original Certificate