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Admission Guide

Vol. I Desc.

40 Pages
PDF Format
Discusses all important information admission seekers needs to know from Jamb examination through Post UTME examinations.
Free download: Admission Guide Vol. I

Vol. II Desc.

20 Pages

PDF Format
Contains all information from Post UTME Examinations through admissions, clearance, verification and faculty file opening.
Free download: Admission Guide Vol. II

Vol. III Desc.

55 Pages
PDF Format
Contains all information that helps newly admitted students settles n 100 level. From classes to lecture venues, timetable and campuses.
Free download: Admission Guide Vol. III (Only available in prints for FREE)

Predegree and Basic Studies

46 Pages
PDF Format
Contains all information about Predegree and Basic Studies application, admission, clearance, classes and examination.
Free download: Admission Guide For Predegree and Basic Studies
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NDU Past Questions And Answers

NDU Past Questions and Answers is a guide from 2010-2019 past questions which familiarize Post UTME candidates with the pattern of the current examinations.
Past questions enables you identify possible number of questions that JAMB will set in your year of examination. This is very important because it will enable you adjust your preparatory speed.

2. Past questions help to understand the likelihood of examination duration. This is very imperative for Jambites/students because if you do not practice with time, in the examination hall, meeting up with the given timeframe will be very difficult. You are not often asked to answer all questions but to attempt all. Hence, you must be as fast as you can.

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3. Past questions allow you to understand the number of alternative choices provided by your examiner. Knowing that you have options gives you the understanding that you need to answer the best questions you know first rather than attempting it in 1,2,3,4 order especially in theory parts.

4. Since you are familiar with past questions, you are able to work out your own time which is as a result of the required time for each subject/question.

5. Examination questions can be technical at times. Two identical correct answers can be given for a particular question. Past questions helps you identify these technicalities.

6. Past questions helps identify your strength and weaknesses and work on it.

7. Past questions helps you understand which area of the questions are more important than others. In doing so, you spend more time on the questions that are more important and give you more marks than others. This technique can help you if you have limited time.

The benefits of jamb past questions to candidates cannot be totally discussed in one page work like this.

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NDU Past Questions And Answers For Sciences/Medicine


68 Pages
PDF Format
2010 till 2019 (Updated)

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Prestige’s Student Guide


Prestige’s Student Guide is a Fresher Focused book aimed at taking freshers around the campus and familiarizing them with what to do next.

Chapter one of the book discusses residential areas – -both campus and off campus residences, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Chapter two prepares students/freshers for academics. Shares ten secrets of Post UTME success and also supplement deficiencies in the secondary school curriculum and better place admission seekers/freshers in a better academic standing. The book also introduces freshers/admission seekers to relevant tutorials that all 100 level students must attend, especially tutorials for Physics, Maths and Chemistry ably handled by Prestige Sweetfeeling .S. Lawrence (08068660183) and Miller Emmanuel (08038357252).

Chapter four is very important to freshers/admission seekers as it exposes them to how to make money in school. Here, Prestige exhaustively discussed the various parameters in which students and candidates vying for university education can create chances and engage in various endeavours that they can make money from.

Chapter five directly mentions the various types of businesses that students can do in school and make money from. Prestige discussed 10 good businesses that students and candidates who are waiting for admission can vie into.

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Chapter six is on how to become a good student with good grades. Prestige, along with his contemporary, Sir Mills are both known for academic excellence and the fact that prepping students for excellence is nt a new matter for those around them. Here, Prestige outlined six factors students/applicants must do to ensure they succeed.

Finally, chapter seven is on how to calculate your CGPA. Many students are unaware of how their CGPA is being calculated. Hence this guide helps you understand how to calculate your CGPA.

In all, Prestige Students’ Guide is a thorough book put together to guide the student’s community at each step of the way.

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