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The Niger Delta University has scheduled its 2023 convocation ceremony to hold 11th May, 2023. The NDU Convocation ceremony usually holds at the Agric Faculty Multi-Purpose Hall, Newsite. The University is expected to publish all necessary information within the weeks before the NDU 2023 convocation ceremony.

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How to Process Your NDU 2023 Convocation Receipt

To attend the NDU 2023 Convocation ceremony, you will need to collect your convocation gown which will give you a feel of the day’s celebration. To get the convocation gown, you will need to process your convocation receipt.

How to Get NDU Postgraduate Transcript

All recent NDU graduates should have this convocation receipts because from January, 2020, just before the pandemic, all graduates are mandated to process their convocation receipts before they do their clearance.

However, older graduates may not have the NDU convocation receipts. Therefore, they will need to process their convocation receipts before they can collect their convocation gowns.

How To Collect Niger Delta University Original Certificate

The convocation receipts cost a total of N29,000 online processing. To process it, kindly contact the A & U Ng Smart Office at No. 1 NDU Road, Main Campus Gate, Amassoma, Bayelsa State or call 08060699054.

How to Collect Your NDU Convocation Gown

To collect your convocation gown, you will need to visit the Faculty to see the Faculty Officer (FO) who is usually in charge of such materials. The Faculty is in charge of giving and retrieving all matriculation and convocation materials. Kindly ensure to return your gown as at when published.

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Cost of Collection of NDU Convocation Gown

The cost of collecting the convocation gown may be free. The cost of collection is already paid for in the convocation receipt, hence, no further payment may be required. Where such further payment is requested, it is usually within the range of N1,000-N2,000. Kindly note that the cost determination of the convocation gown is the responsibility of the Faculty.

Requirements for Collection of NDU Convocation Gown

To collect your convocation gown, ensure to be in possession of copies of all your receipts such as:

  1. Recent school fees receipt
  2. Convocation receipt
  3. Certificate
  4. Admission letter
  5. Acceptance Letter
  6. Copy of graduate clearance form
  7. and any other relevant document which may be requested.

The University will release these procedures as the date draws closer.

Hotel Reservations for the NDU Convocation Ceremony

There are hotels available for the NDU convocation ceremony for visitors who may not be able to go back same day. The best way is to make reservations before that day. Rooms in Amassoma ranges from N6,000 to N9,000. To make reservations, kindly contact us on 08060699054.

For further inquiries, contact: 08060699054