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The NDU management has set forth the modalities for voting in the SUG elections. The modalities means that only duly registered students can participate in the process.

Representing the university management was a staff of the Teesoft office, Mr. Derrick who elaborated on the platform and made the voting procedure known to the seated electorates.

Procedure for Voting

  1. The website for voting is
  2. Voting starts 9:00am to 12:00pm on Friday 21st April, 2023 (management to reconsider addition to voting time)
  3. Once voting time have started, you will see the necessary forms to fill. You are expected to enter your matric number or Jamb number for students without matric no.
  4. Enter your course enrolment pin in the next tab and click “get OTP” (Click here to get your course enrollment pin).
  5. OTP will be sent to your registered phone number then you will use the OTP to authenticate your studentship and continue to voting.
  6. Peruse through all the aspirants at once and select your choice in one page and preview.
  7. Confirm your choice in the next page and submit.

 Conditions for Voting

  1. You must have paid your school fees and process your course enrolment
  2. You can register your courses without paying school fees by processing your default fee.
  3. Without registering the courses, you can vote. Provided you pay for the course enrolment pin.
  4. Only course enrolment pin for 2021/2022 can be used.
  5. Medical students who has backdated sessions to be considered. They are allowed to use their matric numbers in place of course reg pin.
  6. If you pay school fees or default fee just now, you can vote immediately because your details will reflect online.
  7. For the OTP, you will receive it from NDU E-vote. If you activate do not disturb (DND) in your line, Recode will be the sender.
  8. There will be a live situation room at the Dean’s conference hall, Faculty of Education (former VC’s office).
  9. Everyone can vote at the same time; from anywhere. You can be outside the country and vote.
  10. Live results can only be accessible at the situation room. Not accessible publicly. However, election observers and candidate’s support team (agents) will monitor the results live. This is to avoid tension.
  11. If you use your parent’s line to do your clearance, call them to send you the OTP. Email was not approved due to loss of phone line. This was to avoid electoral malpractice.

A & U Ng