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The Following information are just for a guide and not to be copied and used wordedly. 

As the NDU SUG Manifesto date draws close, it is imperative to know and understand what a manifesto is all about. A simple search in Google can give you a good idea of what is a manifesto. However, what should you consider when preparing your own manifesto?


For election purpose, a manifesto is simply a document consisting of the aims, programmes, ideologies and activities you are determined to implement if given the opportunity. It is the driving force pushing you to vie for a political position.


Therefore, your audience are looking towards hearing from you how you will be able to identify the challenges facing the people you want to lead, how you wish to solve these problems, the things you want to introduce and any other matters of concerns.


Some of the agenda to be part of your manifesto can come from friends, colleagues and supporters who aspire for a particular problem to be solved or a particular programme to be initiated. You can discuss and make it part of your manifesto.


You must avoid copying in your manifesto because your audience, when they discover, they will use it against you.


Also, avoid plenty talks. Go straight to the point and state things as they are.


Do not lie unless you think you are addressing fo-ols. If not, you will talk real things. Do not say things to wow people. They will ask you how you wish to implement the things you just said and if you are not prepared, you will start losing votes.


Do not write down programmes under the function of another office. Like saying you will ensure a road is constructed between main campus and CHS. Are you the VC or the State government? Just dey play dey go.


Unless you have lengthy genuine programmes, do not print too many pages in your manifesto. If you have volumes of pages and you are given 5mins to talk, please talk about the main programmes that will sound well to people and attract votes to your candidacy and let the rest be.


Be innovative. Look out for new things to bring into the system and appeal for votes that once elected, those lofty and achievable ideas are your goals.


Do not argue with the audience. Always be at the sorry and apologetic side. Do not play on the intelligence of the audience. Tell the truth, take responsibility, apologize for your errors where necessary.


There is no champion in an interview, be calm.


Do not think you want to go and show them that you know so well, you go see shege and pepper mixed inside Yoruba stew. Only one question will make you look stupid.


Any question that made you upset must not be answered with a derogatory response. Smile and find your way through inoffensively. You word must be seasoned with salt. Let your word of mouth gather votes for you. So o, if you been no know how to talk, better learn how to talk now. Make you no go provoke follow people for manifesto because someone truly did provoke you.


A night before the manifesto, present what you have written to your team and have them question you. Let them do a good critique on your manifesto so that you can do a good presentation.


Remember to get good café typist edit your work so that punctuations and paragraphing can be properly done.


Your programmes should be listed and expatiated upon. Do not present a mixed and shabby document to the ELECO.


Finally, be brief, straight to the point and conclude when the spirit is high. Too lengthy address may cause stoppage halfway.


How to Present Your Manifesto


  1. Greet the ELECO/High table members and the audience
  2. Introduce yourself in simple terms. Avoid too long titles. Believe me, there is no one out there to impress.
  3. What position are you vying for?
  4. What brought you to contest?
  5. State the programmes you have for the students’ community and the university in general.
  6. Any other concern? State them


Sample of a Manifesto presentation


Good day members of the ELECO, highly esteemed students of this prestigious university, supporters, friends and colleagues.

My name is Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme, a 300 level student of the Department of Vocational and Technology Education, Niger Delta University.


I am currently vying for the position of the President in the Niger Delta University Students Union Government elections.


My intentions for contesting for this election were borne out of deep-rooted interest and capacity to manage the affairs of students in the Niger Delta University.


I have been the president of the National Union of Urhobo students (2011/2012), I am the chairman, Emerald Students MPCS, the CEO of A & U Ng with branched in FUO and BMU, CEO of the SAS Supermarket. I have also successfully build responsive communities such as the NDU Latest News, NDU Parent Association, The NDU Postgraduate group and a host of other petty platforms.


All the above mentioned businesses and platforms have been immensely used to the benefits of the students’ community as we are fully engaged in school fees promo, school fees giveaway, scholarships, school fees savings, etc.


Haven spent years of studies in the university and successfully managed all these concerns till date, I believe no one else is more qualified than I am to manage the affairs of students in the Niger Delta University.


The university currently have several problems bothering the students and militating against the success of our studies. Some of them are:

  1. Delayed academic sessions
  2. Avoidable protests and consequent suspension of academic activities
  3. Huge school fees indebtedness
  4. High cost of transportation
  5. Unavailability of students’ support system that helps students to learn while earning and a host of other matters.


If elected, I will pursue the following programmes:


  1. I will ensure that protests emanating from management/students fracas stop thenceforth. This I can do through flexible and continuous dialogue with the management team until everyone come to a collective bargain.
  2. Ensure we improve on our Emerald Students’ MPCS platform which is a student support platform where we appeal to students to save their fees on time. This will allow students to avoid squandering their fees and also get school fees loans.
  3. I will work to ensure there is an agreed prize for transportation between Amassoma/Tombia junction as lack of SUG efforts has given the transporters the edge to name price at will.
  4. I will mentor students to prioritize their fees and pay promptly. This will make students stops budgeting their fees on non-essentials which pushes management into alleged obnoxious policies.
  5. Work towards creating platforms that will enable students to work and earn. These will be business enterprises that will employ students and allow them to work minimally, earn as they can and use more of their time for their studies.




I sincerely believe that if I am granted this opportunity, I will work to ensure all programmes and more are initiated and completed to the glory of the students’ community and the management of the university.


Long live NDU

Long live Bayelsa State.


Note: Do not forget to include aluta terminologies. It will ginger the audience to listen to you.