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Oftentime, you will come across management documents stating the phrase “duly registered” in its directives to the NDU community especially the students. This phrase can easily be misunderstood by the students who may have thought that once you have paid your school fees, you are already duly registered.

The same scenario also played out during the SUG Election screening of 2023. Many aspirants were not done with their registration but were satisfied with the payment of their school fees.

However, the phrase “duly registered” as often used by the University management goes beyond just paying school fees only. Duly registered for the freshers spans from paying acceptance to getting matriculation numbers while for the returning students, it spans between school fees and course enrolments.

Below is a description of the span of activities involved to be duly registered.


To be duly registered as a fresher, you have to (the following are in the accurate order of payments):

  1. Process your total clearance and acceptance. The university management does not have a cost estimate of these charges. However, going by the A & U Ng’s clearance list, acceptance and clearance cost N87,000.
  2. You must have paid your school fees preferably at the A & U Ng Smart Office.
  3. You must have uploaded your documents online after payments of school fees
  4. You must have printed your School fees receipt, Acceptance receipts, Acceptance Letter, Jamb Result and Jamb Admission Letter.
  5. The following documents must have been ready: Olevel, age declaration, LGA certificate, 2 attestation letters and statutory declaration letter.
  6. You must have gone to your department to do your physical clearance (check the volume 3 of the admission guide to locate your department).
  7. You must have gone back to the café where you did your clearance to print your clearance acknowledgement slip, clearance certificate, students’ personal data form and NDU admission letter.
  8. You must have paid for your skill acquisition, medicals online receipts, medical online registration, skill acquisition, biodata and course enrolments which are all part of the estimated N87,000.
  9. Go to your Faculty, get the list of required documents to open file, then go to the café and photocopy them in four copies each.
  10. File them and go back to the Faculty for file opening.
  11. Once successful, request for your matriculation number at the Faculty right away. Matriculation numbers can only be gotten at the Faculty.

Once you have gotten your matric number, congratulations, you are a duly registered students of the University.

Returning Students

Returning students have no stress with registration. The stress of registration only happens in 100 level. As a returning student, what you are expected to do is just to pay your school fees and register your courses. Then take photocopies of both to the Faculty to update your files you opened in 100 level.

So, this is what it takes to be duly registered in the Niger Delta University. No registration can be done without payment of school fees. So the idea is pay your fees quickly and get properly registered.


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