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Many persons who applied for the NDU transcripts in the past are complaining of delays in the processing. Many have lost their admission pursuits as a result of delays and consequent inability to present their NDU transcripts.

In the past, we have written petitions to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumo, citing delays in transcripts processing and the attendant consequences in the pursuit of further studies. Although the delays have been minimized, there are still certain issues that can cause your transcript to delay which may result in admission forfeiture.

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There are many factors that can affect the processing of your transcript. Below are a detailed list of issues we have experienced and suggestions as to how to tackle them.

How to get your Niger Delta University (NDU) Transcript

1. Incomplete Destination Address

One thing that can stall your transcript processing is an incomplete destination address. A destination address is the University/entity the transcript is being sent to. The registrar’s office often complain that courier service providers often find it hard locating the destination address of some transcripts. Hence, many of such NDU processed transcripts are returned. See the subtopic SUGGESTIONS for possible way forward.

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2. Incoherent Address

The Niger Delta University does not send transcripts to addresses other than Postgraduate schools. If your address is a Law firm, employment firm, etc., NDU may refuse to send your transcript. In fact, the Registrar’s front desk officer always peruse through new transcript application to check for recipient address consistency before accepting the letter applications. So, an inconsistent address may also affect NDU transcript processing.

How to get your Niger Delta University (NDU) Transcript

3. NDU Senior Staff Availability

Before now, staff availability was actually a problem for transcripts. Specifically, within the months of November, 2019 through the early months of the pandemic in 2020, namely March-June, staff availability was actually a huge challenge. In late 2019, the then registrar, Mr. Efua Berepubo was grossly engaged in the University’s social activities that some transcripts took more than a week to be signed and passed on to the exams and records office. Now at the exams and records office, the exams and records officer was also another problem as she was seldom available to sign incoming transcript, approving them for processing. If your transcript application came in a time where principal officers are very busy, your processing time may delay.

Transcript Recipients Addresses In Nigeria

4. Staff Competence Level

At the peak of the transcript delay from November, 2019 through June, 2020, one thing angry actors always finger was the competence level of the staffers. Many complained that the staff computer awareness level was not commendable. It was a general opinion that low computer knowledge slower the transcripts processing.

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5. Incomplete Records

In many cases in the past where transcripts are delayed and we have to go deep down to know what the problem was, there were reports in some cases that the records of the applicant was not complete with the exams and records office and the staff have to visit the department to get the complete record. In a particular case, it was reported that the whole of year 3 of a particular applicant record was not found. The process of going to the Department to retrieve such records may slower transcript processing time.

6. Courier Malhandling

Although cases of faults emanating from courier handling are rare, it is possible that courier handlers may have issues with proper delivery. This is where you will need to get your tracking ID from the Registrar’s office to enable you know how far with your transcript after it must have left NDU.

7. Confirmation/Verification

A final reason why your transcript may delay is verification of documents. It is possible that the University or agency receiving your transcript may have a reason to doubt the authenticity of your transcript. Hence, they may return it to the University for confirmation. So, if you used crooked means to send it, be rest assured you have lost such admission.

The World Education Service (WES), an educational entity that process international transcript oftentimeverify transcripts. WES transcripts confirmation has been very regular these days. If WES decides to confirm your transcript, be rest assured that your processing may delay a bit.

So, the above reasons are some of the factors that may delay your transcript processing. Now that you know, you can take action to rectify whatever challenges you are facing.


In accordance with the NDU transcript challenges above, the following are suggested to enable you pass through the process seamlessly.

  1. First and foremost, be informed that A & U Ng serve as a transcript application and tracking agency here in Wilberforce Island. You can always resort to our tracking services to help you check through. If you need our transcript tracking services, kindly call +2348060699054.
  2. Ensure you use the complete address given to you by the University. Also, if the number of the officer is not given to you, call the school and ask for the number of the office or officer to receive the transcript and add it to your application letter. So that if the courier agent are having challenges, they can call for guidance.
  3. Ensure the address the transcript is being sent to carries a phone number that can be contacted by the courier service should address discrepancies occur.
  4. If your transcript is delaying, ensure you have someone to send errand if you are not around NDU or come yourself and visit the exams and records office to inquire what is delaying your transcript.
  5. For those sending transcripts to WES, if your transcript is delaying, ensure you get your tracking ID to enable you track it online.


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