document.documentElement.className = 'js'; Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede Clinched A & U Ng's First N100,000 School Fees Promo Bash : A & U Ng

Master Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede have luckily clinched the most anticipated, first ever N100,000 school fees promo bash.

Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede


Master Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede who was granted admission in the first list in first batch on the 6th of March, 2020 arrived A & U Ng’s office on the 16th of March, 2021 for his Niger Delta University 100 Level online clearance.

The A & U Ng’s school fees promo was intended to give back to the community of its customers who have patronized its services since inception.

The raffle draw basket consists of 89 raffle tickets from individual freshmen who patronized A & U Ng since 8th of March, 2021 when the online clearance began.
The 89 raffle tickets were entered in a basket from where Mr Michael Oghenenyoreme unbiasly selected the lucky winner.

Upon selection, a wrong number was dialed in error of Arekumor’s phone number provided during his clearance.

Upon a second dial, his number was unreachable. A next of kin’s number was dialed and it was his brother who responded. The brother was informed to kindly notify Arekumor once he returned.

Few minutes later, Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede called back where he was congratulated of his price.

Arekumor Patrick who did not expect the price expressed shock and gratitude even as he thanked the management and staff of A & U Ng for the price.

A & U Ng also used the opportunity to appeal to Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede and the freshmen to ensure they continue to patronize its unequalled services so that it can meet up with the second school fees promotion.

The second prize is expected to be awarded when patronage click 200 freshmen. This is anticipated to be by mid-April, 2021.

All customers from the first will reparticipate in the raffle draw except for Arekumor Patrick Ebiarede the winner of this first promo.

Recall that A & U Ng had earlier launched a new service known as Emerald e-Corp, a student focused cooperative society that seeks to accept installmental deposits of school fees and give loans to interested students who are members and believe they need such to pay up their school fees.

This product was launched with the belief that it will solve the challenges of students spending their school fees and late payment of fees.

All You Need To Know About Emerald e-Corp

Emerald e-Corp is also expected to sponsor notable students projects which are research and technology driven in the near future.

A & U Ng’s services are positioned to respond to the students’ needs as most of its policies solve several challenges of the students.

A & U Ng also have free admission Guide for all freshmen and its newly released volume III is intended to guide freshers to understand the new community they are stepping into.

A & U Ng thank members of the Amassoma community, the NDU community, freshers, parents and sponsors for their belief in our products as it has helped to grow our business.

Our support for the students community will continue and it can only be possible by more patronage.

For more inquiries about the promo, kindly call 08060699054