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How to turn a woman on for sex is a major issue amongst many youngsters. One of the greatest challenges guys including married men face is the inability to understand the workings and the mechanism of how a woman’s body actually works.

To turn a woman on for sex requires great knowledge of the woman’s body. This is very important for guys having sex challenges with their new catch. If you are in a new relationship and the lady is refusing you sex, the quickest way is to do all you can to bring her home to spend a night(s) with you.

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Then find and attack her sexual stimulating zones. Attacking her sexual stimulating zones is not a fight though. You just have to calmly and quietly touch her while she is relaxed. If you do it rightly, she will get herself all ‘wet’* up and her guard for refusing you sex is weakened.

Take a Break: What is Wet?

For the newbies, if someone says a ‘lady is wet’ especially under a sexual situation, it means the lady must have been aroused/stimulated sexually. This allows blood flow increase to their genitals so that the vulva and clitoris swell and the vagina lubricates itself, which is called “getting wet.” This lubrication helps with friction and makes vaginal sex more comfortable and enjoyable.


What happens when a vagina gets wet?

Recently, I saw a post on why women should help their men to identify where they will touch in their body to turn them on for sex. But I argued that it is the responsibility of men to identify the attack zones in their women and not the woman telling them that. Even if the woman is to tell you how to touch her better, it must be as a result of you asking her in an intimate talk.

In this post, we will be discussing how to touch a woman to stimulate/excite her so that before you even think of having actual sex with her, like penetrating her, you must have succeeded in making her wet herself all around, begging for penetration.

But before we move on, let us agree that women differs from each other. The place of touch that turns woman A on for sex will not turn woman B on for sex. It is just like the way man and woman differs. A man can get his first release in 30 seconds but a woman may need even up to five minutes or more to reach orgasm.

Turning a Woman on for Sex

To turn a woman on for sex, you must know what works for your woman. Different places for different folks. So, you try as much as possible to identify such spots which I will like to call the ‘attack zones’. You can know her attack zones by romancing her body all over and paying attention to the parts you touch that makes her to jerk. Jerking here means she will respond better to your touch when you reach these places and she will either make sudden sharp moves or feel more relaxed and horny.

Relationship Goals: How to Woo that Crush

There are several places in the body that turns a woman on. Some places are even more awkward than others. All these places you can learn in two ways. First, be good in romance while observing her. Then secondly, after a good romance and you still cannot fathom the spots, then in a sexy naughty talk, ask her what really turns her on. If she is relaxed enough, she will tell you.

Unfortunately, some ladies do not actually knows what turns them on. Especially the virgins and those who are not sex freaks. There are some ladies, their body mechanism is very irresponsive. They do not respond to touches. It will only take a pro in bed to help them identify those places.

I have dated a lady who does not respond to touch. After all efforts failed, I realized I have to work on her. After some months into the relationship, the lady who would not initiate sex before later started doing so. I was able to open her up for sex which is very good for a relationship.

The High Sexual Zones of Turning a Woman On

Like I have said before, there are various places you can touch to turn a woman on. If you read this material from the beginning, then we are in agreement that different parts of the body works for different ladies. So, you keep on your romance until you find the active place.

1. Erect dick

A fully erect dick is almost a general turn on for all ladies except few. I actually asked a lady stressing me of sex one time what turns her on, and she replied ‘erect dick pressing her ass’. As at then, she was already dead wet because my dick has been there as part of my endeavour to weaken her guard. A very strong erect dick have a positive impact on weakening a lady’s guard against sex.

You may direct her hand to hold your fully erect dick or allow her to sleep facing the wall while you do your magic behind. Press your erect dick against her ass. If this is one of her attach zones, you will see her twisting like ogbanje or like worm.

Once you see her responding like this, keep the dick glued to her ass. Some ladies will even be dancing, as in shaking badly when they feel an erect dick. You will even see her pressing her ass against your dick – a sign to indicate that you are doing something well.

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2. Kissing

Kissing to turn a woman on

While kissing may not be wanted by many ladies, it actually turns many others on for sex. A lady once told me while kissing her that she can’t bear it. She was already dead wet beneath. The kissing we are talking about is not just mere kissing but that kind of passionate, professional and romantic kissing. Always try to be gentle as you caress her if she is the stubborn type. Unless you both are in it together, then that hasty, rush kissing can be normal.


3. Rubbing the Waist/abdomen

During bed time, your lady may sleep and face the wall. Touching/rubbing some ladies in their waist or abdomen while backing you is a way to turn some ladies on for sex. If their her body is still responsive to touch there, there is possibility that she may start twisting – an indication that you have identified one spot.


4. Rubbing the breast from behind

Still discussing touches from behind while she is backing you in bed, rubbing the breast from behind, while your erect dick is doing signs and wonders is a multiple pleasurable way to turn a lady on. Gently rubbing the breast may turn a lady on sooner. If she disallows you from touching her breasts especially during first time visit, then return to the waist, keep on rubbing. Also be patient with her, allow her to relax into light sleep, then attack again.


5. Fondling the nipples

Fondling the nipples from behind is another killer spot. The nipples carries hundreds of nerve endings which makes them very sensitive to touch. So, while still in the motion in number 4 above, use one of your fingers to gently fondle the nipple.


Let us assume that these attack zones of ladies do expire. A lady that has had sex too many times may have these zones unresponsive, while a lady who have had sex a few times will still have her sexual zones intact.

There are some ladies you will have sex with, if you fondle them from now till the next year, it will be just a waste of time. Their pleasure zones may have expired because of too many sex or they may not be in the mood for sex. If you see a girl as a street girl who probably must have had too many sex than normal, then you may not want to waste your time finding her attack zones.

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6. Sucking of the nipple

Sucking of the nipple is more sensitive and pleasurable than fondling with hand because the tongue is softer. When sucking the nipple, do not apply pressure as if you want to get milk out. The idea of nipple sucking is to use the tongue to gently tickle the nipple. It is actually tickling and not sucking. Sucking brings lesser pleasure, but using the tongue to lick, fondle and tickle the centre and round the nipple brings unimaginable pleasure.

7. The Ear

Remembered at the onset of this publication when I said some parts of the body that actually turned women on are awkward? Yeah, the ear is one of them. The ear actually turns some women on for sex. Licking the ears tickle some ladies and actually gives them pleasure. You can try to see if she likes it. If it is not her thing, she will tell you to stop, otherwise, fire ahead.

8. The Clitoris

 The clitoris is the pleasure center of the pussy/vagina. It doesn’t have a central role in reproduction like the penis or vagina. Sucking the clitoris sends the woman to hell and back. Many ladies may not like the idea of sucking their clitoris but when a skilled sex guy talk them into it, they actually can’t say no when he is down there.

It is the central pleasurable place for every lady. As a guy, you must know that when a lady ask you to go down there, you must not waste your time on the whole of the pussy. Try to focus on the clitoris. That is the dead point. You can actually send her to hell and back by gently using your tongue to tickle the clitoris.

To identify the clitoris, use your tongue to trace the pussy upward to the verge of the upper division of the clitoris at the very top. It feels like a seed in the tongue. Some clitoris may be hidden deep inside but if you press your tongue a bit harder, you pay feel the little bulge of the clitoris.

The clitoris is gently sucked and licked. Your teeth have no business with the clitoris. A feeling of teeth down there may create an unsafe feeling for a lady and may even cause bruises for her. Attack the clitoris gently and without stop. I once had a lady who would never come to orgasm unless I sucked her clitoris for long. No lady can stand sucking the clitoris.

But note that as a lady whom you are still finding your way to her heart, she may not allow you to do this, so the previous channels above may be a better options to reach her clitoris.

9. A Clean Environment

If your house is very fine, clean and well arranged, there is a possibility that ladies will be visiting you unnecessarily just to have sex with you especially for the single guys. There are ladies that clean environment turns on for sex. Once they see your bed well laid, they only imagine themselves getting laid there.

The journey of wooing her to your bed has been cut short. So, whenever, you have a first time visitor, especially a girl you have been toasting, ensure the house is exceptionally arranged. No sand, no dirt.

10. Colours

Colours are other factors that can turn a lady on. Just like myself, whenever I see a lady wearing red clothes, my senses are automatically attracted to take a look. If in my privacy, I see a red panty, whatever that is hiding inside must be revealed to the son of man because by then, I must have been aroused. Red is actually my best colour. Ladies too are turned on by colour.

If a lady likes blue, and you use fine blue mixed with white or any other colour to design your house. Or maybe you wore a blue undies, she can actually be turned on with a good sense of the colour in the house especially if she is a first time visitor.

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