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What is Weak Erection?

Weak erection, medically known as erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex. Medically, having weak erection once in a while is not a cause for concern. However, if it is an ongoing issue, then it is important you start seeking for medication for it.

Weak Erection

Weak erection is one of the most embarrassing encounter a man can ever face. As a matter of fact, as a man, one of your prayer points should be never to experience weak erection especially when having a first time sex with a lady. Having weak erection is one thing that can crumble one’s relationship experience totally, loose self confidence and shatter your relationship expectations.

And so, I dated this girl for about three (3) years before our first sex encounter. Sexually, I am an illiterate… bastard and stark illiterate… and so is she too. Newbies and first timers. As a pastor’s daughter, she wasn’t allowed to move that much, so, sexual stuff wasn’t really her thing. Although some folks says she must have had sex many times that no girl can be trusted. But you know how the result from the gossip committee always looks like.

Our first sex encounter was not only nonsense but a total rubbish. If there is any story I want to erase from my mind, it would be that of my first sex encounter. Back in the bathroom earlier in the afternoon of that fateful day in 2011, everything seemed to be okay. Took my bath, wore a black jean and a long-sleeve to top it. Then I arrived the hotel. Sat at the bar with a bottle of Star to step things down while I wait, because it seems the youngman was tensed. Then she arrived – lady in red. Her red top got things in place (red is my favourite colour). Then I sang “lady in red” by Chris De Burgh to myself. It was a perfect day for me or so I thought.

“I was a sex novice, a bastard illiterate at that then”

Ok. I got a room booked and we checked in. Should I say the fact that it was my first sex got things bad? Can’t really say for sure. I knew nothing about foreplay (romance, kissing, fingering, sex talks, etc), so I had a failed insertion attempt since the dick wasn’t strong enough to do exploit. I was damned. I knew all was not well.

At this time, I was feeling very uneasy now. Lost control, cannot even look at her in the eyes again because I can see the disappointment in her face. That get lost kinda looks.

Imagine a girl I have been pursuing since, and now things got right only to mess things up, disgrace all my village people… lols. You know, the worse part of it was not even only the encounter; going home, I remembered waving her goodbye when she alighted from the bike. Her look sent shame inside my rib. Something like “common gerara here” (get out of here), “and you still call yourself a man”. Chai! Shame has never killed me before.

The aftermath of the encounter was the worse. I started avoiding ladies and anything sex. How can I use my own hand to get myself in a mess again all in the name of sex? I became afraid of sex completely. I remembered I had an opportunity in school much later. We were all in an apartment in the compound discussing. Both the owner (student) of the apartment and other co-tenants quickly got wind of a kind of connection between me and one of the female co-tenants (I never really saw anything). Little by little, they all left, remaining me and the female co-tenant. This was where I knew what was happening. Though I got the code late.

Of course, in the compound, they thought I am a hit man (chairman in sex affairs). But I never forgot my last sex encounter it was still fresh in my mind. In fact, I was still a virgin. We both discussed ordinarily till the idiots came back expecting I have been impounding (having sex) upadan. It was the next day I got my result when in a public compound gist, the girl played my tape, shouting “I couldn’t do anything self”. Shame want kill man die. What can I do? At least, this story is far better than “he has weak erection”. “His dick is like pencil”, etc. I would have just packed my load and leave the compound out of shame, lols.

But along the line, something moved me to seek for drugs that can enhance sexual performance. So, I set out to visit a herbal doctor In Yenagoa. After a brief observation and test, the herbal doctor charged a fee (about N14,000 or so then) and prepared some herbal/root medicine which I took home and start taking as prescribed. Some were for infections, some for flushing the system, some for low libido and one for weakness of the organ.

“any drug that will be very effective, you will feel the performance in the first dose”

I always say one thing concerning drugs: any drug that will be effective, you will feel the performance in the first administration. If I take a malaria drug and after the night till morning, nothing happens, althout I will continue as prescribed, but I start doubting the potency of that malaria drugs. Not after taking many doses and nothing happens, they will say if symptoms persist, see the doctor. Oga pharmacy, kukuma take your drugs back. It will not work, Lols.

So, immediately I took this particular herbal/root medicine, few minutes later, I could testify that something was getting heated up down there. The local government council was busy getting ready for an uncalled action.

I felt the bulge, the fullness that something is happening. Wow, I was able to identify the particular herbal/root that did the job because of the timing I was asked to take them. While it was not a sweet root & herbs, I ensured I finished it because I was feeling the effect and it was my only dream and prayer then.

The good part of the story is that till date, after about ten (10) years later, I haven’t used any sex enhancement drugs/herbs/roots again. It worked for me perfectly without side effects. It worked naturally and I no longer know what they call rounds in sex. I pump as it pleases till we know who is boss. They say naturally, a normal dick erect three (3) times at night. But I guess I get erection all night especially when with a lady. One of my ex asked me one day, What kind of dick is this? Won’t it get tired? Lols. But this is just the effect of a good erection herbal/root medicine. No chemicals, no side effects.

So, if you are experiencing weak erection, this is your ample opportunity to get a once and for all solution. Your dick is suppose to be your prophet. It sees the sex coming even before you perceive it. That is why you are walking on your own and the local government boss is standing without instructions to do so.

“People with weak erection are often ashamed to share their problems and seek for help”

The major problem with boys/men experiencing weak erection is that they don’t want to share their problems because they feel ashamed. But this is an opportunity to get effective herbal/root medicine that will pump your manpower back to full force. Don’t worry, you won’t share your secrets. You just call to order for the herbal/root medicine and you get it at the comfort of your home with your problem solved permanently.

One joyous thing before sex is to see that your manpower is 100% hard and ready to take instructions. In fact, you feel fulfilled by servicing and fully satisfying your lady. So, if you are experiencing weak erection, do not keep it to yourself. Contact the details below to order for a weak erection herbal/root medicine that will change your sexual experience for once.

I do not sell erection herbal/root medicine. But I decided to write this and help many persons out of the problems I once found myself and everything I say here is mostly based on personal experience. Since I started selling this herbal/root medicine, the results has been overwhelming and I believe you too will be helped.

Who Will Need This Herbal/Root Medicine?

The following category of persons need this roots & herbal medicine:

1. If you are experiencing weak erection from childhood
2. If you just start experiencing it and you have not overcome it
3. If you have not had sex and don’t fee like (low libido)
4. If you are having low libido (having no sexual desire)
5. If you have no interest in women
6. If you were trained with core Christian beliefs and you were taught to practically abstain from sex, and now you need sex and you cannot even perform
7. If you do not last long in bed
8. If your feel your dick is too small
9. If you are having infections
10. If your wife/girlfriend is complaining of your sexual performance


Yenagoa, Bayelsa State


This herbal/root medicine cost N35,000 for full treatment


How Long Can A Man Last In Bed?

One thing I always advise guys is that there is no single number of time you are to last in bed. On average, a man last from 33-44 minutes. But this should not be your measurement. Even when I am tired and done, my local government still stand erect like I never do anything. So, let it depends on you and your partner. If you are good in foreplay, your partner should be done in 10-20 minutes. If however, it is an easy-going sex, then you don’t need to hurry. That easy-going, cuddling, kissing, romancing, etc. can even make it last till half an hour or more.

Effects of Weak Erection

If you are having persistent/ongoing weak erection, it can lead to the following:

1. It can cause stress as a result of anxiety you have over not being able to satisfy your woman
2. It can affect your self-confidence. If you already had a weak erection encounter, your confidence to talk is diminished.
3. It can contribute to relationship problems. Many homes/relationships has broken because of sexual inability
4. Low self-esteem
5. Dissatisfaction with your sex life


Erectile dysfunction symptoms might include:

1. Trouble getting an erection
2. Trouble keeping an erection
3. Reduced sexual desire
4. Lack of sexual desire

Causes of Weak Erection

Physical causes include medical conditions such as:

1. heart disease
2. hardening of the arteries
3. high blood pressure
4. high cholesterol
5. diabetes
6. obesity
7. multiple sclerosis (MS)
8. liver or kidney disease
9. trauma or injury to the spinal cord or genital region
10. congenital genitalia problems
11. treatment for prostate problems

Behavioural Causes

1. alcoholism
2. substance abuse
3. long-term use of tobacco

Psychological causes

1. worry over not being able to achieve or maintain an erection
2. prolonged emotional distress related to economic, professional, or social issues
3. relationship conflicts
4. depression

Final Bust Stop To Weak Erection

How to Get the Herbal Medication

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Cost is N35,000

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