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Steps and Total Cost For NDU Final Year Clearance

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The new clearance procedure has commenced fully since Monday 13th January, 2020 and the procedure has been widely adjudged to be better off than the previous manual process as it allows students to bypass many manual processes done in the past. To complete the final year online clearance, there are several steps engaged. The following steps are involved.

Steps in Niger Delta University Final Year Clearance

Visit Click “sign in”.

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In the popup box, login with your username and password. This username and password is same as the one used to pay school fees during all your academic sessions.

Hover around “pay fees”, scroll to “convocation fee” in the dropdown options and click.

The first tab which is 2019/2020 is static. The second tab refers to the session you graduated and the third tab is concerned with whether you have paid convocation gown receipt before. If yes, then select “yes”, if no, then select “no”.

Click relevant links in the next two pages to arrive at payment page.

Want To Commence Your Final Year Online Clearance? Call 08060699054 / 08050706635

Insert your card details, continue and wait for one time password (OTP) sent to your phone.

Insert the OTP in the next page to arrive at the e-teller page. E-teller only cost N416

Now at the e-teller page, exit the popup to the main browser to continue your payment.

Follow the procedure again to make the main payment of N26,700. This fee contains the convocation fees and certificate fees.

With the receipt already printed, logout of and in the main home page, find in the home button, “final year clearance”.

Or use In the clearance page, login with the same details used to for

Follow through to pay N3,120. After successfully making the payment, the portal takes you automatically to alumni portal to pay for your alumni fees of N3,200 with eteller of N416.

After this payment, go back to clearance website. Once logged in, insert your o’level result details and upload it. In the next page, enter receipt NUMBER of matriculation gown receipt, acceptance fee receipt and all your school fees receipt numbers and submit.

Congratulations! The first unit has been completed. You will wait for a minimum of 24hours for you to return to the portal to go on to the second unit/step.

Document Uploaded During Niger Delta University Final Year Clearance

Up till the first unit, only your O’level result will be uploaded. However, the receipt numbers of other documents like matriculation gown, acceptance fee and all school fees paid throughout will be inserted in the final stage of unit 1.

Total Cost for Niger Delta University Final Year Clearance

The following are cost implications throughout the process

  1. Convocation e-teller N416
  2. Convocation fee N26,700
  3. Clearance fee N3,120
  4. Alumni e-teller N416
  5. Alumni fee N3,200
  6. Total 33,850

Possibly, cafes may charge up to N3,000 for the whole process.

Download Clearance Cost list and details in PDF here:  Final Year Clearance Cost pdf

Want To Commence Your Final Year Online Clearance? Call 08060699054 / 08050706635