document.documentElement.className = 'js'; STATUS QUO OPERATIONAL ORGANIZATION: A THEORY : A & U Ng

Author:               Michael O. Jules
Propounded by: Michael O. Jules
Year:                   2018
Field:                 Interdisciplinary

All organizations follow a predetermined arrangement/sequence for conducting their day-to-day activities. This is what is referred to as formality. Hence, all formal organizations have predetermined format through which their information is sent, processes through which visitors must pass through see officers in their various offices, through which purchases are made including sales, public relations amongst others. In essence, the predetermined process (status quo) guide the way the organization reacts to situations. Now, it becomes difficult for such organizations to easily engage in an activity without all such bureaucratic process; and even if they could, they are pessimistic about the new development. Hence, they would rather prefer to remain in the comfortable zone they where than to readjust to the new situation. In Status Quo Operational Organizations, the assumption is that organizations (especially, but not limited to non-profit organizations) are hostile to organizational change that sometimes, they shun/ignore the change or become hostile to such introduction of a new idea. This is because the new idea or innovation is meant disrupt the current practice in the organization. It is in this line of argument that this theory is built.

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